Jana Hanzel

jana-hanzelI am a professional fashion designer with a strong technical background (I also studied computers and have my Masters in it) and about 20 years of experience under my belt. Due to this unusual combination of art and math knowledge, my designs are unique and precisely finished pieces of art.

I work from my studio for private clients - mostly business women who are not satisfied with the selection in stores and want more. I also enjoy designing beautiful dresses for special occassions and one of my speciality is designing coats that look fabulous and provide enough warmth for our Canadian winter!

Quality fabrics and a flawless fit make you look fabulous in each of my designs. You don't have to compromise style and comfort! My creations are designed to appeal to all women who know their value and despite today's turbulent lifestyle, want to celebrate their femininity, feel great and add more glamour into their everday life. My personal goal is to bring more interest, colors and a fresh breeze to Ottawa fashion scene.

For your new unique outfit designed exclusively for you, contact me via email in the Contact section or call 613-293-5967.