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Indoor photoshoot with Mel Beaudry

While the weather is good outside I usually prefer outdoor photoshoots. This one was an exception: for this time I wanted to try some glam/high fashion shots inside a house. With the photographer, Eric Mercier, we worked together with our fabulous model Mel Beaudry (from Angie's). Her fantastic curly red hair was the focal point. I've chosen some of my designs that suited her nicely and we've got a whole variety of images. We had a lot of fun runing around the entire house trying to find another beautiful setting/background for the next shot! Mel was a great model and skilled make-up artist as well! I love all the pictures that we had done that day! I really enjoyed every minute of the day!

  • 29901_435017321564_625746564_5716976_2953398_n
  • 29901_435016921564_625746564_5716949_7047045_n
  • 29901_435016951564_625746564_5716954_4997128_n
  • 29901_435017281564_625746564_5716971_4436440_n
  • 29901_435016881564_625746564_5716942_5398556_n
  • 29901_435016906564_625746564_5716946_327037_n
  • 29901_435017366564_625746564_5716982_1562505_n
  • 29901_435016891564_625746564_5716944_1018880_n
  • 29901_435016966564_625746564_5716955_7378987_n
  • 29901_435017256564_625746564_5716967_1623071_n
  • 29901_435016861564_625746564_5716940_240810_n
  • 29901_435017306564_625746564_5716975_5761119_n

Sex and the City - Ottawa Edition!

Just before I left Ottawa to enjoy my long summer vacation in Europe, I had an idea. Timed right about those days when the new movie "Sex and the City 2" was released, I wanted to design and style something that will bring that joyfull, careless and fun atmosphere of the movie right  into the streets of Ottawa. Being hit with several hard issues going on in my family that time, I wanted to put together a shoot that will be full of joy and happiness, celebrating life, friendship and all those things that make us happy and keep us alive. Well, with help from all who were involved, I think we did a pretty good job! Cheers!

Photographer: Tina Picard, Assistant: Jamie Blades, Models: Leesa Hudson, Joelle White, Samuelle Bartlett, Make up and Hair: Robin Seguin-Jeffery, Design and Styling: Jana Hanzel.


  • 35696_10150199709735710_151572250709_13242473_585511_n
  • 36645_10150199732250710_151572250709_13242865_6275381_n
  • 13469_10150199715000710_151572250709_13242602_1205836_n
  • 36645_10150199732230710_151572250709_13242862_4299823_n
  • 36107_10150199918670710_151572250709_13247782_8178946_n
  • 36107_10150199918675710_151572250709_13247783_5443591_n
  • 34071_10150198346010710_151572250709_13202092_895605_n
  • 35696_10150199709730710_151572250709_13242472_26190_n



:: She Loves Me :: She Loves Me Not ::

Spring time here was very busy, indeed! I continued working on my "Seasons" project (with Eric Mercier) and also accepted an offer to travel to Toronto. The initial request came from a fabulous and very versatile model Kate (living in NY). She asked me to be the designer/stylist for the photoshoot with the photographer Alejandro Sandoval and make up artist Jasmine Glass. Our model/actor Ryan Brownlee joined our team as well. (And what a contribution!! :-))

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Ottawa Fashion Week March 2010

Ottawa Fashion Week - filling a void within the Ottawa fashion scene - a designer's point of view

With a great pleasure I accepted an invitation to be a guest designer for Ottawa Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010, which took
place at Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave on March 24-27, 2010.
As a fashion designer I started my collaboration with the fashion week committee two years ago, in 2008. That time, as a
designer starting my business here in Ottawa, I've gained a lot of experience, exposure and also, customers! It's been a lot of work but it all payed off!

Westin Hotel Christmas Fashion Show

Just a few days before Christmas I held a fashion show for some government professionals - to set up a mood for upcoming holidays. A great dinner in one of the best Ottawa's hotels - Westin Hotel, a beautiful live music performed by a chello player and a collection sensibly put together just for this time of the year - it all made this up-scale evening a great success. It was my pleasure to work with the host, charming Dean Miller-Louis, and with some Angie's models (Marianne, Christiana, Maria, Yovana and Danielle). Please enjoy the pictures taken by Eric Mercier!

  • 21845_243695866564_625746564_4303877_2704165_n
  • 21845_243695801564_625746564_4303873_8240264_n
  • 21845_243695856564_625746564_4303876_7275999_n
  • 21845_243696006564_625746564_4303888_1108970_n
  • 21845_243695986564_625746564_4303886_2359763_n
  • 21845_243695976564_625746564_4303885_3596677_n
  • 21845_243695991564_625746564_4303887_161583_n
  • 21845_243695921564_625746564_4303881_6566933_n
  • 21845_243695836564_625746564_4303875_3649962_n
  • 21845_243695956564_625746564_4303883_5137971_n
  • 21845_243695901564_625746564_4303879_2265853_n
  • 21845_243695936564_625746564_4303882_3393779_n
  • 21845_243695821564_625746564_4303874_4869662_n
  • 21845_243695881564_625746564_4303878_6451420_n
  • 21845_243695916564_625746564_4303880_471442_n
  • 21845_243695971564_625746564_4303884_2490016_n