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Hello Ottawa !

We'd like to announce a great news for all the smart and business-savvy women! The designer team Jana Hanzel and Emilia Torabi developed a new stylish fashion line just for you. If you are tired of wearing all those black or navy-blue strictly business suits we are bringing some fresh breeze into your wardrobe! As designers with a lot of clients working in government,  we are seeing  the same uniform style over and over again. And we know that you are often not very happy about it but sometimes it's hard to break the habit. That's why we've got an idea to make a life more easy and more colorful for you. We believe that women should show off more of their femininity and still look professional and respectful. Hence our  new fashion line called Panache - to address business women and introduce more color and timeless style into their work wardrobe. To make them feel well dressed, and feel their confidence radiate through their clothing.

We want to attract the whole range of business women, from their early 20s, who are just starting their professional career to all of you experienced women in higher business possitions. We want to offer a "9 to 5 clothing" choices with a possibility to continue with a fancy diner after work.
We also want to show you a selection of coats in interesting colors to break up the black uniformity and anonymity. We believe that everybody can express their personalities through the clothes and have a little more fun with dressing up.

Please stay tuned for more info! The collection will be revealed during the Ottawa Fashion Week, on March 18, 2011 at the National Gallery. We are now working on the first pictures of the collection which will be published shortly.

Meanwhile, this is some more info about our creative designer team:

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12 years old Kate Reeve organized a fabulous fashion show!

Sunday early afternoon in Glebe Community Center the air was filled with positive energy, hope and good will. The 12 years old girl, Kate Reeve, organized a benefit fashion show with proceeds going 100% towards children hospices here in Canada - The Rogers House and The Canuck Place.

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A photoshoot with Tony Ottaviani

As everybody who is passionate about his/her work, I also love to see the end result of my creativity and effort. That's one of the reasons why I like working with photographers. It is fascinating to see how differently they can articulate/express their vision through the same dress. They can breath their own creative energy and unforgettable personal artistic touch into the clothes.

During this summer I've met another fabulous Ottawa photographers, Tony Ottaviani. We decided to ask a beautiful model, Leesa Hudson,  to model several designes for us. In my studio Leesa tried them on and it was hard to tell which one we should choose - they all looked amazing on her!! So we ended up with 6 outfits after all. Leesa looked stylish and very attractive in all of them!

I want to thank you, Tony, Leesa and Kim Shields (hair and make up), for these wonderful images and I hope you had a good time shooting them, dispite the very hot weather! :-)

Note: The white stretch dress is from our Velvetbox Fashion Line collection. For more images from this line please follow Gallery - Velvetbox Fashion

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Velvetbox Fashion Line

I'd like to reveal some of the designs that came up from my collaboration with Ottawa's rock/indie band Velvetbox.
Last year I've been approached by Velvetbox's lead singer Lawson Carroll. After he's seen my designs on my web site we
talked about the possibilities to work together to include the fashion ideas into the Velvetbox project. We have shared the
vision - integrating  music and fashion. We both agreed on fact that fashion should be playful and fun. In combining fashion
with music we have seen a spectacular opportunity to entertain on several levels at the same time. And that's how the
Velvetbox Fashion line was born!

During last spring we've organized a photoshoot with a charming model Alissa Pritchard and the photographer Eric Mercier.
Here you can take a sneak peek to some of the designs which are the result of our collaboration on Velvetbox so far. It
includes the purple satin mini dress with burnt-velvet insets and a detachable fur collar, a white winter-jersey dress with
chiffon ruffles and a corset belt, and a winter jacket with decorative trims and fur. There are more designs that will be
photographed soon. So please stay tuned!!

For more information about the Velvetbox project please follow

Note: The white winter jacket is modeled by Janice Spiegelman

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The Seasons - creative art project

Today was a very happy and rewarding day. Our team successfully finished our artistic project "The Seasons". This wonderful project kept me excited all year long. With the photographer Eric Mercier we came up with the idea to capture each season (spring, summer, autumn and winter) with it's unforgetable atmosphere. The challenge for me was to design an outfit for each season that would evoke the savor of the season. Each outfit should be wearable enough to be put on for anybody yet still remain magical with the proper styling and use of accessories. I really enjoyed the designing part of the challenge where I had to think about all the different requirements that the garment should fulfill. For all seasons we also had the models already preselected in time ahead, so my personal intrerest was also to design the outfit that will suit to the particular model. Here I used my styling skills - knowledge of what complextion (=skin hue) and hair color will go with what fabric (color/texture). At the end we decided with Eric which design folows our vision for the season the best. We also discussed our ideas with our fabulous collaborating make up artist, Tracey Lahey. She very creatively designed the make up for each look. For Harvest Goddess look we ask a very talented hair stylist Vanessa Passley for help with the hair style. She came up with a beautiful angelic look for Marianne. Then we had fun with taking all theese beautiful images on several locations around Ottawa. Each season reveals the very specific feel identifying that specific time of the year. How do you like the concept? Let me know... :-)

Thea Cunningham (Spring Dreams), from Angie's Models
Abby Grout (Summer Fairy), from Angie's Models
Marianne Rieux (Harvest Goddess), from Angie's Models
Janice Spiegelman (Winter Magic), independent model
Vanessa Passley (for Harvest Goddess)
Make Up:
Tracey Lahey
Eric Mercier


Note: For more pictures please follow Gallery - Creative photoshoots.

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