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Ottawa Fashion Week March 2010

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Ottawa Fashion Week March 2010

Ottawa Fashion Week - filling a void within the Ottawa fashion scene - a designer's point of view

With a great pleasure I accepted an invitation to be a guest designer for Ottawa Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010, which took
place at Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave on March 24-27, 2010.
As a fashion designer I started my collaboration with the fashion week committee two years ago, in 2008. That time, as a
designer starting my business here in Ottawa, I've gained a lot of experience, exposure and also, customers! It's been a lot of work but it all payed off!

This year the organizers took my breath away with how well was everything  taken care of at the backstage. My thanks
go to all volunteers there who helped me to set up the place and relieved all the stress raised from the little technicalities
which are the necessary part of the process. It left my hands free for other very important tasks and allowed me to think
more about the whole presentation. However - for the next time it would be nice to have a little more time for a choreography
rehearsal so that I could make it even more special, interesting and visualy pleasing. Practice makes perfect...
I can not imagine better team who would care for the hair and make up - Bruno from Le Spa and The Loft salons personally
approached me with all the questions and without his creative vision it wouldn't be easy to put together such a show.
All my line was gracefully presented by models from Angie's Models, MIM and Barrett-Palmer agencies.
The entire event has been a great contribution in terms of bringing fashion to Ottawa residents - the event was not only for
fashion professionals, buyers and press, but also for all fashion conscious men and women seeking for something different
and special. BRAVO and well done!!
Touted as a success by all, Ottawa Fashion Week wrapped up at the newly opened Exchange Pub-Restaurant at Rideau
Street and Sussex Drive Monday, March 29th, 2010. Oh, my, what a night!

Visit links:

Ottawa Fashion Week on Facebook

Thank you, photographers, Eric Mercier and Marc Lavoie for taking pictures of my line on the runway!


Models Yovana, Emilie, (me), Natalie, Jessica, Amy and Ihuoma pictured by Starfish Events photographer


From left: models Yovana, Emilie, Natalie and Jessica. Photo: Eric Mercier


Models, Hussein (OFW founder), Jana Hanzel (designer) with the sponsor of the event. Photo: Starfish Events