Velvetbox Fashion Line

I'd like to reveal some of the designs that came up from my collaboration with Ottawa's rock/indie band Velvetbox.
Last year I've been approached by Velvetbox's lead singer Lawson Carroll. After he's seen my designs on my web site we
talked about the possibilities to work together to include the fashion ideas into the Velvetbox project. We have shared the
vision - integrating  music and fashion. We both agreed on fact that fashion should be playful and fun. In combining fashion
with music we have seen a spectacular opportunity to entertain on several levels at the same time. And that's how the
Velvetbox Fashion line was born!

During last spring we've organized a photoshoot with a charming model Alissa Pritchard and the photographer Eric Mercier.
Here you can take a sneak peek to some of the designs which are the result of our collaboration on Velvetbox so far. It
includes the purple satin mini dress with burnt-velvet insets and a detachable fur collar, a white winter-jersey dress with
chiffon ruffles and a corset belt, and a winter jacket with decorative trims and fur. There are more designs that will be
photographed soon. So please stay tuned!!

For more information about the Velvetbox project please follow

Note: The white winter jacket is modeled by Janice Spiegelman

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