A photoshoot with Tony Ottaviani

As everybody who is passionate about his/her work, I also love to see the end result of my creativity and effort. That's one of the reasons why I like working with photographers. It is fascinating to see how differently they can articulate/express their vision through the same dress. They can breath their own creative energy and unforgettable personal artistic touch into the clothes.

During this summer I've met another fabulous Ottawa photographers, Tony Ottaviani. We decided to ask a beautiful model, Leesa Hudson,  to model several designes for us. In my studio Leesa tried them on and it was hard to tell which one we should choose - they all looked amazing on her!! So we ended up with 6 outfits after all. Leesa looked stylish and very attractive in all of them!

I want to thank you, Tony, Leesa and Kim Shields (hair and make up), for these wonderful images and I hope you had a good time shooting them, dispite the very hot weather! :-)

Note: The white stretch dress is from our Velvetbox Fashion Line collection. For more images from this line please follow Gallery - Velvetbox Fashion

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