12 years old Kate Reeve organized a fabulous fashion show!

Sunday early afternoon in Glebe Community Center the air was filled with positive energy, hope and good will. The 12 years old girl, Kate Reeve, organized a benefit fashion show with proceeds going 100% towards children hospices here in Canada - The Rogers House and The Canuck Place.

Kate found me on the web and approached me to collaborate on the beneficial fashion show. I didn't know she was only 12 years old, the email communication was very mature and responsible. Then we met to discuss the details of the runway and I wanted to offer some accessories for their silent auction as well. I met her (and her mom) at Starbucks in Kanata and I was very surprised that such a young girl took this load of organizing a fashion show. (I organize fashion shows myself so I know what it's involved). She was well informed and dealing with everything with adult-like approach. I've been impressed!

Why I wanted to collaborate on the event:

I was raised in a lovely family, had a happy childhood among my closest relatives.  But I don't take these things granted, I really appreciate what I've got from life and I know that my story doesn't have to be a common pattern and that many children (or families) are not that privileged like I've been.

My parents are very good, quality people and they tought me that I always have to start from myself and show a kindness and appreciation to other. And now, I am myself a mother of 2 and I want to show that I really do care of other's well being, I want to show my support and offer my heart in some way. I know that I cannot save the world but I try my small part. Those kids and their families was, from some strange (an unknown to us) reasons, not that lucky in life so I want to show that there are people who are not oblivious to their destiny and want to help.

This show is not about me as a designer - it's about us as human beings. I want to do my small part and raise some money for those families and kids. So, supporting this idea is my goal. Also, the fact, that I've been approached by 12 years old girl was very interesting to me and every day I'm more into it :-) I really respect Kate for what she is doing and for the way how she's doing it! Brave girl with big dreams!

The show was a great success, the models from Angie's walked gracefully for all the designers!  The creative hair styling was provided by Hair Junkie Hair Salon. Make up was provided by different local make up artists.

Thank you all for such a wonderful and meaningfull event!


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