Hello Ottawa !

We'd like to announce a great news for all the smart and business-savvy women! The designer team Jana Hanzel and Emilia Torabi developed a new stylish fashion line just for you. If you are tired of wearing all those black or navy-blue strictly business suits we are bringing some fresh breeze into your wardrobe! As designers with a lot of clients working in government,  we are seeing  the same uniform style over and over again. And we know that you are often not very happy about it but sometimes it's hard to break the habit. That's why we've got an idea to make a life more easy and more colorful for you. We believe that women should show off more of their femininity and still look professional and respectful. Hence our  new fashion line called Panache - to address business women and introduce more color and timeless style into their work wardrobe. To make them feel well dressed, and feel their confidence radiate through their clothing.

We want to attract the whole range of business women, from their early 20s, who are just starting their professional career to all of you experienced women in higher business possitions. We want to offer a "9 to 5 clothing" choices with a possibility to continue with a fancy diner after work.
We also want to show you a selection of coats in interesting colors to break up the black uniformity and anonymity. We believe that everybody can express their personalities through the clothes and have a little more fun with dressing up.

Please stay tuned for more info! The collection will be revealed during the Ottawa Fashion Week, on March 18, 2011 at the National Gallery. We are now working on the first pictures of the collection which will be published shortly.

Meanwhile, this is some more info about our creative designer team:


Jana Hanzel
I am a professional fashion designer with a strong technical background  (I also studied computers and have my Masters in it) and about 20 years of experience under my belt. Due to this unusual combination of art and math  knowledge, my designs are unique and precisely finished pieces of art. I work from my studio for private clients - mostly business women who are not satisfied with the selection in stores and want more. I also enjoy designing beautiful dresses for special occassions and one of my speciality is designing coats that look fabulous and provide enough warmth for our Canadian winter! Quality fabrics and a flawless fit make you look fabulous in each of my designs. You don't have to compromise style and comfort!

My creations are designed  to appeal to all women who know their value and despite today's turbulent  lifestyle, want to celebrate their femininity, feel great and add more glamour into their everday life. My personal goal is to bring more interest, colors and a fresh breeze to Ottawa fashion scene.

For your new unique outfit designed exclusively for you, contact me at

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call 613-293-5967


Emilia Torabi
It was her Russian grandmother – herself a talented designer – who set the (metaphorical) wheel spinning into a world of dizzying creativity and design for Emilia Torabi. Quickly becoming conscious of textures and fabrics by her teenage years, Torabi soon after enrolled at the Italian Academy in Florence where she built upon on her design and sewing foundation.
Now in Ottawa, Torabi focuses strictly on client care and needs; offering both image and color consultation. Her motivation for 2010 Ottawa Fashion Week? To convey, in her very own words, that “designs are timeless and can be modified into any fashion trend.” Generally steering clear of the “it” trend in fashion, Torabi focuses her work on good quality and investment-worthy pieces.

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