Royal Wedding

I am very happy that I've managed to wake up early this morning, to be able to watch the royal wedding. People who know me can tell that I'm not hysterical about events such that but in this case I really don't regret losing these extra 3 hours of sleep!

The royal couple looked magnificent! As a designer, let me express a few thoughts about the wedding dress. It's been very pleasant to see Kate Middleton's selection of the dress from McQueen's atelier (by Sarah Burton). The dress was very elegant, there was just right amount of lace used and the whole dress looked very nicely balanced, not overdone. I think it suited Kate very well and emphasized the image of her as elegant, yet young and modern woman. I love the choice of long sleeves - it's more formal and, quite frankly, very refreshing after seeing everywhere the overexposed bodies dressed in gown revealing as much as humanly possible. The wedding dress with sleeves also offers much more fun with design, it looks smarter, more put together and sophisticated, even - yes, let's say it, royal. The opposite of "a-girl-next-door-is-getting-married"- kind of a dress. Even dressed in a gown with sleeves, our bodies delicately covered in layer(s) of sheer fabric and lace look very attractive, chic and high class in a dignified way.

The other thing that couldn't be missed during the wedding ceremony was the ominpresence of hats of any size (from those small fascitator hats to bigger and even fancier ones!). How gorgeous and appropriete ,well, in most cases! We are living in times when hats are quietly dissappearing from our wardrobes. And what a pity is that! Again, people who know me would agree that I love hats and I consider them "the cherry on the cake". A hat completes the outfit and makes it look put together and special - for the wearer and the audience as well.

For the people who share this thought with me I have a good news: The royal wedding style hats are available from my studio - let's start a new wave of elegance and class!

The conclusion - I loved the entire ceremony, it was beautiful and modern. The new couple is really charizmatic and they bring a breath of fresh air to the monarchy!


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