"Coup de Foudre" Photoshoot

Before showcasing our Coup de Foudre collection at the Ottawa fashion Week (February 2012), we wanted to have our collection professionally photographed. In collaboration with the photographer Marc Lavoie (http://www.marclavoiephoto.com/) and models from the Cover Models (https://www.facebook.com/viresh.pujara?__adt=2&__att=iframe) styled by Noah Venkatarangam (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500256134#!/FacesByNoah) we created 6 nicely finished images for our press release.

When the rush from the Ottawa Fashion Week was over we had more time to play with the designs and we were just in a mood to create some more artistic images capturing the collection. The photographer Eric Mercier put his creativity into transforming the model Jenna Nesbitt (Angie's Models, https://angiesmodels.com) into an aristocratic Baroque beauty. With the makeup and hair designed by Ariana Assadi (https://arianaassadi.com) our mission was accomplished.

"Jana & Emilia Fashion design Studio" would like to thank both teams for putting their time and effort into those photo sessions!

Please enjoy the result - picture 1-6 photographed by Marc Lavoie, pictures 7-22 photographed by Eric Mercier:

  • picture 14
  • picture 15
  • picture 13
  • picture 2
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  • picture 16
  • picture 9
  • picture 6
  • picture 5
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  • picture 12
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